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What do you think of when someone mentions the word camp? A lot of people have grown up going to different camps, whether they be for sports, church, team building, or even all of the above. Regardless of what type of camp was attended, I would be willing to bet that the attendants wouldn’t trade their camp experiences for the world. Camp can be a transformative experience for anybody of any age, and it’s an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Being a part of a camp program will leave you with long-lasting memories of great friends, camp fires, games, lake days, and so much more. All of this being said, here are just seven of an infinite number of reasons to attend camp!

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1. A Getaway

No matter what’s going on in your life, camp is always a nice getaway from the normal hustle and bustle of every day life. You can get away from work, school, and other responsibilities for a week or two of nothing but fun and relaxation. Even if you aren’t attending yourself, and your children are the camp attendees, it gives you some time to unwind and relax without worrying about the kids. Camp gives you the opportunity to unplug from technology and responsibility and enjoy your week away!

2. The Atmosphere

The second you arrive at camp, you will be overwhelmed with a sense of joy and excitement about what will unfold before you in the coming week(s). You are also greeted and surrounded by a team of camp staff and counselors who will soon become like family to you; not to mention the countless other campers who are sharing the same experience and excitement that you are. This exciting and relaxing atmosphere is instantly set upon your arrival to camp in order to prepare you for a great camp experience ahead!

3. Ability To Be Yourself

The overall camp atmosphere will allow you to let loose and be yourself. You don’t have to worry about impressing anybody, you can just relax and be yourself with no worries of judgment. Camp gives you time of meditation and reflection to find your true self, who you really are. If you want to be goofy and dorky, by all means do, because chances are, you’ll find a group of other fellow campers who will be goofy and dorky right along with ya.

4. Lifelong Friendships

Your ability to let loose and be yourself with your fellow camp mates will lead to some of the most real and lasting friendships you will have. Since everybody shows their true colors in such an accepting atmosphere, it is incredibly easy to make new friends, and you will have a bond for life. Every camper is a little out of their comfort zone being away from home and out of normal routine, so it’s easy to find comfort in other campers experiencing the same things! Camp friendships are long lasting and it gives you the opportunity to build relationships with people from all over the world.

5. Camp Counselor Relationships

Your fellow campers aren’t going to be the only relationships that make a lasting impact on your life. Your camp counselors and camp staff will become not only your mentors, but your camp family. For the kiddos, spending all week with their camp counselors is often their favorite part of the camp experience. They will look up to their counselors for years to come and foster relationships that impact not only the camper, but the counselors as well.

6. Unparalleled Activities

There are plenty of lakes, yoga classes, hiking trails, and games in this world, but there aren’t many places that have all of these things and more all in the same location. Camp encourages you to do whatever you feel you want to do that day. There are all kinds of sports (land and water), labyrinths, starlight camp fires, high ropes courses, zip lines, crafts, games, exercise classes, and just about anything else you can name, all within walking distance from your sleeping quarters.

7. The Experience

All of these things will contribute to some of the most memorable times of your life. You will have a nice getaway, find yourself, build lasting relationships, and participate in dozens of activities that you often times can’t experience anywhere else. It builds many skills (social, physical, and educational), and is a safe environment for all campers. The camp experience is one that holds nostalgia for many adults, and yearning for many children, and it’s an experience that you will always remember!

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