At Camp Manitowa campers get to choose four of the five activity sessions held each day. If they find something great, they can choose to do it all day. We also believe in supervised free play and giving campers the space to be creative. During supervised free play our motto is “you don’t have to be anywhere, but you can’t be nowhere.” Free play is supervised, but not programmed by staff. Sit in our hammock sanctuary, do a craft project, play a ball game, or even better MAKE UP your own game.


The Camp Manitowa formula includes “Adventure by Choice”. Camp is a place to explore and move outside one’s comfort zone. This means something different for every person. Through a variety of activities, programs, and outdoor adventure trips, we hope to help everyone find and fulfill his/her sense of adventure.


Camp is a special place and provides the opportunity to interact with lots of people. By limiting the total number of campers each session to around 100, Camp Manitowa kids become part of a family of campers. We create programs and systems to ensure that everyone in camp knows each other and that each creates positive relationships.


Camp Manitowa has gates, but our commitment to you does not. We will continue to work with your family through a variety of off-season programs. We believe that commitment also means excellent customer service. We are here for you. When you need something you go straight to the top and WE get back to you.


We model positive environmental behavior and will always keep teaching responsible, earth-conscious living.

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